Alyssa Vasquez, Dance

Alyssa Vasquez, Dance


Alyssa Vasquez



Why did you choose McLennan? It was suggested by my high school dance directors.



Who is your role model? My high school dance director; she’s a very strong and independent person.



Favorite School Subject: Math



Favorite Athlete: James Harden



Favorite Food: Pizza



Dream Job: X-Ray Technician



Nickname: Ava or Leda



Hobbies/Interests: Doing my makeup



Favorite TV Show: Shameless



Favorite Professional Sports Team: Houston Rockets



Favorite Song/Music: “Picture” by Kidd Rock



What do you want to do after leaving McLennan? I plan to transfer to Sam Houston State University.

What is something surprising about you? I’m not very quiet when I’m comfortable around someone.